• Welcome to Sun Hills Resort
    Lake of the Prairies, Saskatchewan
    Parkland's Brightest Lakefront Development!
  • Welcome to Sun Hills Resort
    Lake of the Prairies, Saskatchewan
    Parkland's Brightest Lakefront Development!
  • Welcome to Sun Hills Resort
    Lake of the Prairies, Saskatchewan
    Parkland's Brightest Lakefront Development!


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General Questions

How big are the lots?

On average, the lots measure an impressive 90 x 200 feet – depending on the layout of the valley at a particular site. Every lot has a stunning view across the Assiniboine Valley and Lake of the Prairies and a predominant southern exposure.

What services do I get?

The lots are fully serviced with a year round RM Road, underground power, telephone and the option to hook up to a community well system.

Each homeowner is responsible for the installation of a septic holding tank. Installation and sewage removal can be provided by a local contractor.

Do you have a Purchaser's Agreement?

Yes. The chief purpose of the agreement is to foster good will amongst residents as well as between Sun Hills management and owners, to promote a good neighbourhood at the resort.

Download Purchaser's Agreement

What about the building requirements?

  • Owners should start building within 5 years of purchasing a lot and finish the building within 2 years of beginning construction.
  • Dwelling must be built to a minimum size of 500 square feet.
  • Mobile homes or other pre-existing structures have to be approved by Sun Hills Resort Ltd. New construction RTM’s are welcome.

Where can I put my boat?

There is a concrete boat launch and a dock available for all Sun Hills Residents.

What are the taxes?

Because our Resort is located in Saskatchewan, rates are considerably lower than in Manitoba.

What about your lot/cabin package?

We are building cabins on some predetermined lots that will be for sale as a package. Our cabins are built to a lock-up-stage or completely finished depending on our customers preference.

We can also provide you with a list of local contractors that can build your dream home.

What are some of the attractions in the area?

The Parkland region is a dream for nature lovers, anglers and hunters. Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Riding Mountain National Park are close by and the fishing on Lake of the Prairies is world class. There are also dozens of other lakes in the area. Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park is another major attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and is located only 20 minutes away. There are 10 golf courses within a 100 km radius of the resort, as well as hiking and walking trails, a Gazebo and a park right at Sun Hills Point.

You are well within reach of a complete range of amenities and services in The City of Yorkton, the Town of Roblin and Village of Togo – where you’ll find some of the friendliest people in the world!

When can I see the place?

Absolutely any time! Seeing is believing at Sun Hills Resort. If you’d like a guided tour, just call or email ahead of time for an appointment.

What is the cost of a lot?

Fully serviced lots sell between $59,000 and $89,000. You own the titled lot for life! (no lease or hidden fees). For an additional $3,000 you can hook up to our community well system.

Is there a Geotechnical Report available about Sun Hills?

Yes, see link below for details.

Download Geo Technical Report